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Our Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum Intent can be read here.

Our English and Maths Provision


On site at all times, there is a fully qualified teacher with experience in delivery of both Maths and English.


There is a Maths and English lesson daily, and Science is taught three times per week, and students will keep a portfolio of their work in a folder provided. This can be taken with them on final departure from the provision, or be sent to the referring school. Students also take part in PE twice per week.


Students will sit a baseline assessment of English and Maths Key Skills on arrival to Balance AP, to allow the team to provide appropriate work for the students and allow them to progress. This will be based on the content that will be next delivered in the Schemes of Work.


There will also be a mixture of male and female staff and a Pastoral Learning Support Mentor on site daily.

For more details on our Maths and English Curriculum, click here.

Our Thematic/Vocational Curriculum

Our afternoon sessions are primarily based on a Thematic Scheme of Work which educates our learners in a variety of topics, for more details click here. 

Other activities planned for our learners include:

​                                                       ​

  • Art Therapy

  • Crafts

  • Public Services

  • ICT

  • Sport & Exercise

  • Educational Visits

  • Careers Guidance

  • First Aid

  • Cooking/Baking

  • Gardening

  • Bicycle Repair

  • Construction 

  • Hair and Beauty  

  • Skillbuilder

Every day, all our students take part in short sessions on PSHE to ensure they are aware of their own and others' socoial, health and economic wellbeing. Below is our PSHE policy.

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