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Balance Alternative Provision is to allow disengaged learners a safe, nurturing environment which will develop their cultural capital of our students and raise their aspirations. We are an alternative to mainstream settings for 11-16 year olds. The Provision will provide full and part time education placements for a small group of students referred by nearby Secondary Academies.


We will provide a balanced curriculum covering both academic and vocational subjects.

We will provide PSHE education to holistically develop all students.

We will aim to improve attendance of all students.

We will focus on improving the mental well-being and SEMH needs of all students.

We will re-integrate students back into mainstream education.

We will regularly inform referring Schools, and parents/carers of the progress of their child whilst at the provision.


 Our site benefits from the following facilities:

  • Access to outdoor space, for socialising and physical activity

  • Three fully functional classroom

  • Indoor social areas for students to interact

  • A calm and tranquil location

  • Excellent transportation links

For more details, please email We would love to show you around so you can see what we can offer.

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