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At Balance Alternative Provision, we believe all young people should have the opportunity to thrive in an educational setting. Our aim is not only to engage young people based on a balanced curriculum including academic, vocational and life skills, but also to allow students to self-regulate themselves and teach young people to make appropriate choices. We aim to help students to develop strategies to enhance their social, emotional and mental health, and facilitate reintegration back into school, or on to further education or employment. 


Acceptable conduct is demonstrated by: 

  • respecting oneself, others and the provision’s facilities, resources and grounds 

  • engaging in responsible behaviour in all learning and provision activities

  • modelling respectful and responsible behaviour to their peers and younger students

  • conducting oneself in a manner which in no way compromises the safety or well-being of others.

Safe & caring provision environments are free from acts of:

  • bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment and marginalization 

  • threat and intimidation 

  • violence in any form 

  • abuse in any form 

  • discrimination in any form including race, color, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, ancestry or national origin 

  • retribution against a person who has reported incidents.


Students at Balance Alternative Provision are to hand all mobile phones in at the beginning of the day and are only permitted to use them in exceptional circumstances. 


Smoking and vaping (the use of e-cigarettes) is not permitted inside the provision or anywhere on the provision grounds. Students found smoking or vaping will have their cigarettes and/or vaping device confiscated, and a parent/guardian will be contacted. 


Coming to the provision with drugs, drug paraphernalia, or alcohol is a serious offence. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is equally unacceptable. Parents/guardians and host schools will be contacted and students will be sent home from the provision. 


Please refer to our behaviour and anti-bullying policies for more information.

Students - Code of Conduct: Text
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