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Our Ethos

  1. All young people should have the opportunity to thrive in an educational setting.

  2. We believe that each young person should be able to realise there potential in preparation for their next steps in their life journey.

  3. All young people should be given the chance to develop a variety of different skills and achieve their life goals


Our Aims

  1. Engage young people at a provision based on a balanced curriculum including academic, vocational and life skills.

  2. To allow students to self-regulate themselves and teach young people to make appropriate choices.

  3. Develop strategies to enhance young peoples’ social, emotional and mental health.

  4. Facilitate reintegration back into school or on to further education or employment.

Our Offer

At Balance, we regularly work with young people holistically to develop their educational, social, emotional and behavioural needs.

  1. Our staff team are trained to work with students with a variety of learning needs and to differentiate work accurately and effectively, based on baseline assessments.

  2. We have high expectations of behaviour for all young people at the alternative provision.

  3. Our small groups and high staff-students ratios provide a setting for nurturing to take place. This means that we can tailor the curriculum and level of support for each individual, allowing every student to make progress and achieve success.

  4. Students have the opportunity to take part in a variety of vocational, academic and sporting activities to develop a range of life skills.

  5. We have a positive learning environment which is safe and allows all young people to make progress. Staff employ strategies that promote and consistently recognise positive behaviour. On very few occasions we apply a consequences system for behaviour that does not meet our expectations.

  6. Students are supervised at all times whilst at the provision at social times and in lessons.

  7. Students have access to indoor sports facilities and are able to attend a gymnasium to develop their cardiovascular fitness levels.

  8. Students are expected to attend all sessions. We believe that outstanding attendance is key to students progressing.

  9. We regularly meet with parents to discuss their children’s progress and make weekly positive phone calls.

  10. We have external agencies deliver sessions on how young people can stay safe and well when outside the provision.

  11. Guest speakers discuss a variety of different career options to give students motivation and aspirations, to aim high for themselves.

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